Sugar Art for Autism
A collaboration of International Cake Artists who set out to raise awareness for Autism

A multi-faceted collaboration of 100 food artists from around the world have come together to create a heartfelt and meaningful collection of edible art in honor of Autism Awareness. The collaborative event will debut on April 2, 2016 as a social media campaign which will be found online on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The group, founded in April 2015, proudly includes Sugar Artists from all over the Globe with skill sets clear across the board . . . from beginners to some of the world’s most esteemed personalities and award winning artists in the food industry.   Audiences may recognize work styles and faces of many of our collaboration members from hit television series and competitions like Cake Wars, Duff till Dawn, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Sugar Battle, Fabulous Cakes, and more.

Each member proudly honors those with Autism and their family members by creating pieces where they drew inspiration from various avenues, including therapy tools, artwork, books, and loved ones.  One special source of inspiration for many of our members is the project “The ART of AUTISM”, a not-profit collaboration of 500+ international Autistic Artists (  Co-Founder, Debra Muzikar, was instrumental in providing access to the artwork and artists themselves. We, Sugar Artists, can only hope to have done justice to those who we drew inspiration from.

The dedication to this collective is mutual amongst the Sugar Art for Autism members and by many of their family members as well. As you look through the finished pieces and learn more about each one and its respective edible artist, you will see that several of these pieces were inspired by children and other loved ones. A few of the children even created artwork specifically for use by the collaboration.

Another facet of this collaboration is its partnership with two well-deserving charities including The Global Autism Project  and National Autism Association.

Through their endeavors, the Sugar Artists hope to shatter misconceptions, bring awareness to Autism and also draw people’s attention to these charities whose hard work and never ending efforts often go unnoticed. Anyone willing to make a donation to these worthy causes is encouraged to.

The support Sugar Artists have received thus far has been astounding. With world-renowned Autism Activists and Artists alike stepping up in the most unique ways. From Internationally recognized Autistic Artist, Candy Waters, and the well-known artistic duo, Kai & Sunny who have all either created or allowed for use, their own artwork.

Members of Sugar Art for Autism do not receive compensation for creating their contributions or vice versa. Expenses for product, materials, equipment, etc. are provided solely by the members.

Sugar Art for Autism invites the public to join us on April 2, 2016. Help us spread awareness.  Follow along and share.




We will be using the following hashtags to promote our reveal:  #SugarArt4Autism #ArtMeetsAutism and #AwarenessIsAcceptance

Join us as we help make acceptance go viral!