NAA is proud to offer our Autism ATRIUM program.  This educational initiative for the autism community will provide a regular schedule of learning opportunities through free online webiNAArs and a digital library of downloadable toolkits.

If you are interested in being a guest webiNAAr presenter, please click here to submit a proposal.  Thank you!

WebiNAAr Recordings
NAA’s WebiNAArs are recorded and archived on our website.
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Recorded WebiNAArs:

Nonspeaking Autism:  It’s Not What You May Think! Part 6
How Well Do We Really Know Our Children?
Presented by: Judy Chinitz, MS

Nonspeaking Autism:  It’s Not What You May Think! Part 5
Coregulation for Communication Partners
Presented by: Dawnmarie Gaivin

Nonspeaking Autism:  It’s Not What You May Think! Part 4
Presuming and Constructing Competence
Presented by: Elizabeth Vosseller

Nonspeaking Autism:  It’s Not What You May Think! Part 3
Apraxia and Ocular Motor Control
Presented by: Dr. Dana Johnson, PhD, MS, OTR/L

Nonspeaking Autism:  It’s Not What You May Think! Part 2
Sensory Motor Differences
Presented by: Dr. Dana Johnson, PhD, MS, OTR/L

Nonspeaking Autism:  It’s Not What You May Think! Part 1
Underestimated:  An Autism Miracle
Discussion with:  J.B. and Jamison Handley

Food Intolerances and the Gut Microbiome
Presented by:  Devin Houston, Ph.D

Autism & Bullying: What you need to know
Presented by:  Kerry Magro, Ph.D

Sensory Smart Strategies for Real-Life Challenges
Presented by:  Lindsey Biel, OTR/L

Navigating Autism for the Military Family
Presented by:  Tara Hood, NP, LLC

Autism and the Criminal Justice System
Presented by:  Carol S. Weinman, Esq.

Vision Therapy’s Role in Attention, Stimming, Toe-Walking and other Visual-Motor Abilities
Presented by:  Larah Alami, OD FAAO & Barbara Kotsamanidis-Burg

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and Neuro-Modulation: The Potential of Cannabinoids in Treating Autism
Presented by: Dr. Ronald Aung-Din

Wandering: How Affordable Smart-Home Technology Can Help Keep Our Kids Safe
Presented by: Holly Mero-Bench & Kevin Meacham of Vivint Gives Back

The Many and Varied Uses of Symbols
Presented by:  Anne Johnson-Oliss, M. Ed

Solutions to Help Children Self-Regulate: The Science Behind Deep Pressure Therapy
Presented by:  Lisa Fraser, CEO of Snug Vest

Bridging The Gap: A Guide for Autism Families to Establish Relationships with their Police Department
Presented by: Jerry Turning, Police Captain and Autism Dad

At Home with Autism:  Your Blueprint to a More Peaceful Home
Presented by:  Janeen Herskovitz

Haircuts, and Doctors, and Dentists, OH MY!
Presented by:  Colleen Spano, Founder & President of Sunshine Behavior Consulting

Ready, Set, Potty!
Presented by:  Brenda Batts, Ph.D., Director of Focus on the Future Training Center

I Want to be Treated Like a Girlfriend Again . . and Other Thoughts of Long Ago
Presented by:  Mary Romaniec, Author, Advocate, Mom

Learn to Thrive, Not Just Survive:  Stress Reduction for Special Parents
Presented by:  Siobhán Wilcox, Stress Management Consultant, Author

A Street-Wise Approach to the IEP Process:  You are your child’s CEO
Presented by:  Mary Romaniec, Author, Advocate, Mom

Preventing Restraint and Seclusion in Schools – What Can Parents and Advocates Do?
Presented by: Barb Trader

Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum – the Basics
Presented by: Chantal Sicile-Kira

The Role of Enzymes in Autism, Gut Health and Food Intolerances
Presented by: Dr. Devin Houston

Autism & Wandering for First Responders
Presented by:  Lori McIlwain

Sexual Education for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
Presented by:  Brodie Simmons

Natural nutritional immunotherapy: An integrated protocol for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders
Presented by: Marco Ruggiero, M.D., Ph.D

Income Tax Planning for Families with Children with Special Needs
Presented by: Michael Beloff, CFP®

Oxalates: An Important Etiological Factor in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism
Presented by: William Shaw, Ph.D.

How Hyperbaric Therapies Can Help Improve Inflammatory and Autistic Conditions
Presented by: David Dornfeld, DO

Seizures in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presented by: Richard E. Frye, M.D., Ph.D

Presented by: Scott Smith, P.A.

Using Diet & Nutrition to Help Your Child
Presented by: Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Autism-Related Wandering: Keeping Our Kids Safe
Presented by: Wendy Fournier, NAA President