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Our Partners

NAA is extremely grateful for the generous support of our Partners who make our programs possible.  Please scroll down to learn more about these fine businesses and organizations who give back to our community every day!

If you would like to become an NAA Partner, please click here.

ALEX AND ANI is a company dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that promote consciousness and unity. Manufacturing in the United States and re-using and recycling materials is an integral part of Alex and Ani’s mission as a conscious and eco-friendly company. Alex and Ani’s collections are not only Eco-friendly, they are made up of powerful, meaningful, and spiritual pieces, which uplift and inspire all who wear them.  Start your “Charmed Arms” collection today, visit

Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy
Silsby Compounding Pharmacy is one of the largest and most respected compounding pharmacies in the country.  The pharmacy includes a Class 100 certified clean room for preparing sterile products, a dedicated capsule room, large compounding facilities, a private consultation room, and a storefront stocked with nutritional supplements and other pharmacy products.  Lee Silsby utilizes only the finest quality chemicals equipment to prepare its patients’ compounded medications and nutritional supplements. By custom making (compounding) medications and nutritional supplements for each patient, we help them achieve their unique health goals. Visit their website here.
is a leading online retailer of vitamins and nutritional supplements for people on the Autism spectrum. We carry Kirkman Labs, Thorne Research, Houston Nutraceuticals, Pure Encapsulations, Nordic Naturals, Metagenics, products like Liver Life, Lauricidin and Authia and many more supplements.

Vivint Gives Back

Vivint Gives Back is bringing families and technology together to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children with intellectual disabilities. For information on discounted smart-home technology for autism families, visit their website at

MedicAlert Foundation

MedicAlert Foundation operates under the mission “protect and save lives”; therefore, we developed the new MedicAlert Found® program to provide an additional layer of protection for the autism community. Our goal is to ensure every person affected by autism has our autism medical IDs and 24/7 wandering service. Join us in our effort to reduce the number of wandering tragedies by enrolling your loved one today at

Comfees® Premium Diapers, Comfees® Premium Training Pants, and Comfees® Premium Youth Pants

Domtar Personal Care crafts premium quality products for everyday use that make life better. Comfees® is an important part of that heritage. Domtar is dedicated to quality, value, and reliability, and focuses on delivering innovations that meet or exceed all industry standards. And Comfees® is no exception. Comfees® products, such as Premium Diapers (sizes Newborn and 1-7), Premium Training Pants (sizes 2T-5T, boys and girls), and Premium Youth Pants (size S-XL), are the ultimate in comfort and softness, provide up to 12 hours of leakage protection, and have fun, colorful designs.  Comfees® has earned the trust of moms and caregivers ensuring future generations of happy, comfortable babies. Ultimately, that’s what Domtar Personal Care is all about… it’s personal.

Jasco-Logo-Blue copy-100

Jasco Products

Established in 1975, privately held Jasco Products Company develops innovative consumer products for all distribution channels internationally, including mass merchants; electronic superstores; home improvement stores; food & drug retailers; military installations; distributors; and direct marketers.  Jasco provides one of the most comprehensive product offerings in consumer electronics, home products, lighting controls and security products.

The HICKIES Lacing System is a modular one, meaning that instead of one lace running through the length of each shoe, you have one unit per pair of eyelets. This allows for a one-size fits all design with maximum customization when it comes to tightness, comfort, security, and color. Check them out at and use coupon code: NOTIE20.


Road ID has been a valued partner of NAA’s Big Red Safety Box program, providing personalized, engraved shoe IDs for thousands of our grant recipients.  Together, we are saving lives.  Check out the full line of RoadID products at

In 1907, a visionary and our founder, Christian Meldgaard Andersen, created our first pair of Sanita hand carved wooden clogs. Shortly after opening his first shop Christian set out on his bicycle to spread his dream and transform Sanita into what it is known today. Over 100 years later, we still handcraft every single clog with the same tradition, craftsmanship, and passion in our own factories in Europe. We continue to maintain our position as a leader in comfort footwear with the addition of our fashionable comfort collections with our global partnerships. Today Sanita can be found in over 50 countries and continues to provide our famous all day comfort. Learn more at

avatalkerAvatalker ® AAC is a robust, full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution designed for the iOS platform (Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini). It gives nonverbal children and adolescents the ability to build phrases and sentences pictographically, which are then converted to audible speech. It features a 1,500+ word vocabulary and exclusive symbol set library by Aurora Symbols that is easy to navigate and fun to use! Learn more at

The Autism Site
The Autism Site gives you simple, positive ways to help children with an autism spectrum disorder. In less than five seconds, visitors to The Autism Site can click on the “Click Here to Give – it’s FREE” button to help provide therapy, financial assistance and research dollars for children and families living with autism.. How? Each click — free to the visitor — generates funds paid by site sponsors. The National Autism Association is proud to be one of The Autism Site’s preferred charity partners. Please click today at