Bucking bulls have changed the life of Jayci Mead, a 21-year-old woman with autism, and now she hopes to share her passion with others on the spectrum.  While in High School, Jayci expressed interest in the bucking bull industry, so her parents Luke and Valerie encouraged and helped her to achieve her dream.

Now as a bull owner, Valerie sees tremendous growth in Jayci. She talks about how amazed she is watching Jayci as a bucking bull owner and how it has changed her life, “Before being involved with bulls, Jayci was not shy, but she had difficulty expressing herself.  Living in a small town in Wyoming, it is a struggle in having her communicate. Now as a bull owner she travels and she recognizes the people she has interacted with much more easily.” She added, “When Jayci can express herself that excites us, it really gets us choked up. It is so amazing, we celebrate the little things that for her are tremendous accomplishments.”

Jayci wants to share the joy that bull ownership has given her by offering shares of her bull named Dominate Autism to other individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The bull will compete in events throughout 2015 with a chance to win up to $500,000.  For details, see information posted below from Jayci’s Mom.


Bucking Bull Ownership Opportunity:
Own a 5% share in a 2015 bucking bull


Watch this bull, Dominate Autism compete at events throughout 2015 including:

February – Champion Tour #1, Orchard, TX

March – Champion Tour #2 Locust Grove, OK

September – Preliminary Event to try to qualify for the top 25

December – Top 25 bulls compete for first prize of $500,000. (All top 25 bulls win money at this finals event.)

An entry fee is paid for each event (included in share) and then the bulls with high scores win prize money. Money is paid at each event, so there is a chance to win all through the year.

Watch Dominate Autism’s videos below:
http://youtu.be/XQNStpsVyis   6/19/14
http://youtu.be/4NRyMQ-fvfQ 12/7/14 (He won 5th place.)

Please email Luke and Valerie Mead at lvjmead@rtconnect.net if you are a family of a child with Autism who would like to take this opportunity to follow the success of a bucking bull. We have traveled to many of these events, but if you are unable to attend, your child will get updates with pictures and videos. All money won will be split per share holder. Our daughter Jayci LOVES bucking bulls, and has matured in her social interaction over the last 2 years of being involved. See her story at www.buckautism.com.

To learn more about the bucking bull industry and competition, visit www.exclusivegenetics.com.