Help NAA Move Autism Forward | Photo & Video Advocacy Project



 All of it is a form of communication. All of it tells a story. But are the stories being told?

Our children and adults may not be able to sit at a roundtable in Washington DC, or make what’s considered a traditional statement to autism’s federal decision-makers.

But does that mean they shouldn’t have a presence?

We absolutely believe they should.

Our children and adults have the right to be seen and heard in Washington. Our caregivers are also affected by autism, and they deserve a voice and a presence even if they cannot physically be there.

It’s time to show — not tell – the struggles our community members face.

Here’s how you can help us make real progress in 2013:

  • Send us your photos and videos to share with the public and with autism’s federal decision-makers.
  • The videos can be 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.
  • For photos and smaller video files (under 15 MB), email to
  • For larger video files (over 15 MB), please upload a private video to YouTube and email us the link.  You may also send us links to your already existing videos.
  • By emailing your video/link you agree to allow the National Autism Association to use the file at its discretion.

Whether it’s your loved one stimming, having a melt-down, self-injuring, or a person who is completely nonverbal – they ALL have a story to tell.

Will you help us move Autism Forward?