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Published with permission from the author, Louise Bond


Some children can say how they’re feeling

when they’re worried, anxious or scared

but others cannot find the words

leaving them frustrated and despaired.


These children are fighting battles

in their minds each and every day

battles some people don’t understand

and so choose to stay away.


Our son is battling with Autism

the days can be challenging and long

while we love him unconditionally

it’s sometimes hard to stay strong.


All his anger and frustrations

grow more violent through the years

as he struggles with a younger mind

than those of all his peers.


We feel the brunt of those frustrations

we can ache from limb to limb

but no matter how hard life gets for us

we know it’s so much harder for him.


For every child deserves to feel safe

but some of them feel scared

not understanding the world they see

and being constantly compared.


His sleep is filled with nightmares

when those at school are unkind

he wakes confused and angry

unable to free them from his mind.


Still every day we begin anew

holding hope deep in our hearts

that today will turn out differently

and his future can finally start.


Those days turn into weeks and months

with progress painfully slow

but no matter how small the step is

we celebrate with hearts aglow. 


As we know how hard it was for him

just to make that step at all

not easy like some others find

but at a slow and anxious crawl.


As the parents of an Autistic child

we have much worry and stress

we need our family and friends support

but sadly feel isolation and loneliness.


Though his unexpected smile or hug

will more than make our day

it’s those extra special moments

that help ease the pain away.


His heart is full of goodness

his smile brings us so much joy

we only wish the world could see

the way we see our amazing boy.


As some are quick to blame the parents

and think that Autism doesn’t exist

saying it’s all down to discipline 

that’s lacking or being missed.


To all those people both near and far

I want to simply say

before you judge our family

please, come and live our day.


We did not make this happen

in all honesty, who would?

But this is our life and reality 

and it’s time it was understood.


It hurts to see him suffering

knowing we cannot take it away

that it will never be grown out of

that Autism is here to stay.


All our hopes and dreams for him

for the life we thought he’d lead

are now cloudy and uncertain

but together we will succeed.


Still we worry about his future

praying that our lives are long

Who will love and look after him?

What will happen when we’re gone?


These thoughts stay with us every day

and haunt our minds at night

when the darkness make fears stronger

and the worries hard to fight.


But we must not hide ourselves away

for his sisters sake and ours

but as sensory overload gets too much 

his behaviour quickly sours.


So when you see a shouting child

and look on with a scowl

remember, they may not be spoilt or naughty

but feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  


You cannot see inside their minds

or through their frantic eyes

you do not know what panicked them

you only hear their cries.


So please don’t stand and stare or point

at families struggling on each day

some acceptance and understanding

will go a long, long way.