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The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) has been developing an ASD Fellowship Program for physicians and other medical professionals.  Under the guidance of Daniel Rossignol MD FAAFP, and David Berger MD FAAP, this evidence-based course of study has been uniquely designed by clinicians, for clinicians.

The rapidly increasing evidence-based material that supports the biomedical treatment of autism is ready to be organized and passed on to practitioners in a systematic, in-depth course of study, in order to have the greatest impact on this medically-complex pediatric population.

Physicians are invited to attend the upcoming MAPS Spectrum Standard of Care Conference 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  This conference encompasses the first and second phases of MAPS Training.  For full details, click here.

Parents are searching for qualified practitioners who can help their children reach their full potential.  Clinicians are searching for solid, evidence-based education that will best prepare them to help their patients.  MAPS is moving access to effective treatment for our loved ones forward.

NAA strongly supports the MAPS program and we encourage you to share this information with your physicians.