Something is STILL Rotten at Rotenberg

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Something is STILL Rotten at Rotenberg

WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the State of Massachusetts? How is this House of Horrors still operating when they’ve known for YEARS that the so-called “students” here are literally being TORTURED!

I must warn you that the video below is extremely difficult to watch.  We owe it to Andre McCollins and all of the other helpless victims of this despicable place to watch it, share it and show the world how our beloved children can legally be abused beyond our most frightening nightmares – in the name of “treatment”.

Andre was PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED, TIED DOWN for HOURS and SHOCKED THIRTY-ONE TIMES.  His screams for help were met with laughter from his sick and twisted abusers.

And what prompted the paid torture staff at ROTTENberg to determine Andre required this “treatment”?
Andre refused to take his jacket off!

You couldn’t legally treat a convicted murderer, child molester, rapist or even a 9/11 terrorist this way! Can you imagine how quickly Child and Protective Services would be at your door if YOU did this to your child?   Hell, you’d be arrested for treating a DOG this way!

Governor Patrick, SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!  Stop turning a blind eye to the torture of children.  Do not allow these horrific crimes against humanity to continue any longer!

Visit Fox Boston for more on this story.


  1. So who decided mere non-compliance for removing his jacket necessitated “aversion therapy”? Let’s hold them accountable for this ghoulish, abusive treatment!! I say 31 jolts with electroshock therapy!

  2. This type of treatment and torture should not be allowed to continue in America.To operate in this fashion and call it and call it treatment is only using the definition so you can continue and not admit that you are causing torture

    • its ridiculous isn’t it, in this day and age, peolpe still use words like this…its like the word spastic…haven’t heard it for years, but the other day I heard someone say it, i explained (calmly)that it was unacceptable, and we say Cerebral palsy now…derogatory terms drive me crazy…

  3. The fact that this type of “therapy” is still in practice today makes me physically ill. This is a civil rights issue. This is NOT therapy. I urge everyone to call your legislators and Govenor Patrick.

  4. Their punishment should be what they dished out… then prison… period…

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