NAA’s Big Red Safety Shop

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NAA’s Big Red Safety Shop


In our continued efforts to address wandering prevention in the autism community, NAA has created a new category for safety-related products in our Little Shop of Hope.

Please visit often as we continue to add products to help you keep your loved ones safe!

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  1. Im in desperate need of the big red safety box. Not sure where to go or how to go about getting one. Im also looking for as much information as i can get about finding a doctor who specializes in austism. My son is having problems at school that he doesnt have at home, not sure what to do or where to go for information to help him. Please help im at my wits end and feel like im running in circle and not getting anywhere.

  2. i need a big red box in the worst way but want to make sure i am not missing something. I went to where the link took me and at the bottom of the application page, it had me enter my email address and push submit. Then, the next page asked for my address and had me push join. Is this all i have to do to request a big red box?

  3. Would like free safety box

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