Helping Hand Grant Applications Now Being Accepted

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Helping Hand Grant Applications Now Being Accepted

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Helping Hand Program which provides grant funding for medical treatment, supplements and therapies not covered by insurance.  Funding for this program is limited, and will be awarded to families who are in dire need of financial assistance.  For grant guidelines, complete details and our Helping Hand application form, please click here.



  1. Hello,
    We have. 5 yea old who is minimally verbal. He is ASD, PDD-NOS, SPD, Encepholothopy-NOS. we would reall lik to atten th conference this November. Especially the Thursday meetin on Special Education law. Our 5 yr old is in full-time Kndergarten this year and receives OT, PT, Speach hrough our school system, but he also has four outside school therapies. We are being told the outside therapies wont be covered as excusesd absences even with a doctors note. We need help to know whether we have a right to these outside therapies and this conference would be wonderful.
    We would really I love you to attend the conference in St Petersburg, FL. We are a family of 6, and jus cant afford to get finances in order to attend. Are there any funds for families like ours.

  2. Looking into opening our private school up for autism students. Where can we find funding and information on needed resources?

    • Hi Helen,
      We only provide funding for families, so I’m not sure. You could try checking with your state Dept of Ed to see if they have any recommendations.

    • I believe the toinxs in our food and water supply may be just as responsible for this increase in ASD. We have been using much too much processed foods. The plastics in packaging and cooking may be releasing harmful substances. Flouride and chlorine have been out of the picture in Europe for a decade or more. One singular thing may not be responsible but dietary controls are easily managed to check if the behavior is better controlled.

      • i agree about toxins . my 2yr old was just diagnose with asd . we have bought r house last yr. have well water that smells like disel . live very close to groves

  3. Do you award any grant money to go toward autism service dogs?

    • Hi Charlene,
      Sorry, funding for service dogs doesn’t fall under our grant guidelines.

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