Fox News Interview with NAA’s Leslie Phillips

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Fox News Interview with NAA’s Leslie Phillips

NAA Board Member Leslie Phillips talks with Fox News in Houston about the newly released autism prevalence numbers.  Leslie has two sons on the autism spectrum, one diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and the other with autistic disorder and significant medical issues.


CDC Says Autism Rate Rising:


  1. Good news? I am speechless.

    My son was diagnosed in 2000. I had never even heard of autism before let alone know anyone who had it. Ask any longtime teacher or special ed professional if the numbers are going up…they will tell you YES.

    The autism epidemic has been going on for at least a decade. How many kids have to be affected before our government responds in a meaningful way?

  2. This is NOT good news, nor is it better diagnoses, if it were it would easy to go out and find all of our 40+ year old relatives and friends that were never diagnosed. I am in my mid 40’s and never knew anyone or had a friend that knew ‘anyone’ that had Autism as a child, teen or even young adult. Now you can rarely go anywhere without finding someone that a) is related to someone young with Autism or b) has a child with Autism. If there are so many people with Autism, not yet diagnosed (only the children are found for some reason?) why can’t you make and effort to find them, diagnose them and convince us that this ‘epidemic’ has been ongoing for years.

    Please for the future of our children, someone make this a national emergency and get our top professionals working on finding the cause as well as spending $$$ to create adequate treatments. This is a whole generation of children that will need to be cared for in some way as they age out. I won’t live forever… who will take my son?

    • My rant is really for Dr. Loveland and/or anyone else that is saying “this is actually good news”.

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