Cameras in Special Ed Classrooms – Fox News Houston

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Cameras in Special Ed Classrooms – Fox News Houston


Please watch this powerful report by Greg Groogan of Fox News in Houston featuring NAA Board Member, Leslie Phillips calling for cameras in classrooms to protect our most vulnerable children from abuse.


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  1. I know exactly what these parents are going through it happened to my autistic son twice in school. Another parent saw the teacher and he called 911. My son came home with bruises on his back and the teacher was not taken out the school. We went to court but she walked away after appealing her sentence.. I will never trust the school system son was only 4 and he was non verbal. 🙁

  2. I am just appalled by the way school systems seem to want to protect themselves more than they want to protect the children. And it scares me. My four year old daughter has autism and I think I would quickly become an irrational mother at the hint of any form of misconduct.

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