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This Bill Will Help Save Lives In the Autism Community

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You’ve seen the headlines. A child with autism goes missing. The story ends in heartbreaking tragedy. Usually the culprit is water.   Accidental drownings account for approximately 90% of wandering-related deaths in the autism community. Do first responders know to search water first? Most still do not. Yet, this one tip alone could save so many lives. Training is critical. Safeguards are essential. H.R. 4919 would help provide both.   H.R. 4919, Kevin and Avonte’s Law, would help provide much-needed police training and resources to not only prevent and respond to ASD...

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National Autism Association Applauds Passage of Bill to Combat Wandering Deaths

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National Autism Association Applauds Bill to Combat Wandering Deaths

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NAA’s Statement to IACC Addresses Wandering Prevention, Avonte’s Law

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NAA's Statement to IACC Addresses Wandering Prevention, Avonte's Law

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It’s National Missing Children’s Day. Where is Jason Sims?

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  After months of searching, a 15-year-old boy with autism remains missing from Fairfield, Alabama. How long he’s been missing, no one can say for sure. Staff members from the National Autism Association contacted Fairfield Police three weeks ago, but there were no updates on the case. So where is 15-year-old Jason Sims? In a February article about the missing teen, Fairfield police Chief Leon Davis stated, “I have never seen anything like it.” The article noted that Davis said Fairfield police and the Department of Human Resources are conducting a joint...

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Autism Advocates Gather on Capitol Hill to Support Avonte’s Law

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Autism and missing person advocates gathered on Capitol Hill for a briefing on elopement in children and adults with autism.

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